Motorola ONT1120GE Passive Optical LAN Workgroup Terminal

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Motorola ONT1120GE Passive Optical LAN Workgroup Terminal

The ONT1120GE is designed to support any stationary Ethernet-based system, such as end user devices, access points and wireless controllers, application servers and printers. As quality IP voice, increased broadband throughput, and support for video applications is needed, the ONT1120GE is ready to serve the enterprise network today with technology that will readily grow and adapt into the future.

The Motorola POL portfolio includes the AXS1800 Enterprise Aggregation Switch (EAS), the ONT1120GE workgroup terminal, the ONT6000GET high density workgroup terminal, and AXSvision, Motorola’s simple and highly graphical user interface.

* Enables secure converged network service delivery
* Provides quality IP voice, gigabit data services, and any enterprise video application
* Enables easy installation supported through pre- provisioned service profiles
* Provides a cost-effective, scalable solution for initial rollout or full deployment
* Addresses evolving “Green IT” initiatives

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