Motorola SB5102 Cable Modem

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Motorola SB5102 Cable Modem

Get to your favorite Web sites quickly, download graphics with unbelievable ease, and enjoy real-time interactive PC gaming and expand console gaming with broadband Internet access from the cable modem market leader — Motorola.

With the next-generation Motorola SB5102 Motorola SURFboard cable modem, you're compatible with today's broadband Internet — and ready for the future, too. When your cable service provider upgrades to a DOCSIS® 2.0 network system, you'll surf the Internet at as much as 30 Mbps — 3 times faster than earlier modems!

With the simplicity of Ethernet connectivity, installation couldn't be simpler — just connect the coaxial cable to the SB5102 using an existing cable outlet, then connect the power, and lastly connect the PC via the SB5102's Ethernet port . Troubleshooting is a breeze too, thanks to front panel status indicator LEDs and an online diagnostics page.

Once you've experienced broadband powered by Motorola, you'll never want to go back to dial up again! Get onto the cable pipeline today with the powerful, convenient, flexible and simple to install the Motorola SB5102 Motorola SURFboard cable modem.

Convenience Features

* Always on, always connected
* Installs easily in just four steps
* User-friendly online diagnostics page
* No additional software required
* Slim vertical design saves desk space

Versatility Features

* Ethernet connectivity — simplifies installation, enhances versatility
* Supports up to 63 users

Performance Features

* Capable of downloading up to 100 times faster than traditional 28.8k analog phone modems*
* No telephone line needed
* When connected to a DOCSIS 2.0 cable network, capable of up to 30 Mbps upstream capacity — that's 3 times faster than our DOCSIS 1.0/1.1 models
* Real-time gaming access
* Specially designed architecture — allows for future upgrades from the Cable Operator


* CableLabs® DOCSIS® 1.1 and 2.0 Certified

Compatibility Features

* Windows® 2000/XP
* Macintosh® OS8 or higher
* Unix®
* Linux®
* Supports standard Internet software

System Requirements

* Minimum 80486 Pentium or later or Macintosh-compatible CPU (Power PC or later)
* Operating systems such as: Windows® 2000/XP; Macintosh® OS 8 or higher; and Unix®
* CD-ROM drive
* 10/100 Base-T Ethernet connection
* Check with your local cable provider for DOCSIS high speed data service