Motorola WAP 800 WiMAX Access Point

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Motorola WAP 800 WiMAX Access Point

The WAP 800 provides great performance in high interference environments. It leverages antenna arrays to control the direction and shape of the radiation pattern - steering and forming the beam to provide an optimal radiation pattern focused in the direction of communication. With multiple antennas, it provides up to four times more gain in downlink transmit and eight times more gain in uplink receive compared to a single antenna system. In addition, use of smart antenna algorithms enhances the coverage and capacity of the WAP 800. The WAP 800 utilizes eight receive antennas which provide superior uplink budgets that enable user data rates similar to that of cable broadband rates.

Integrated Design for Low CAPEX and OPEX
The WAP 800 has an integrated design that provides high availability, reduced real estate requirements, redundancy, and simple connections between components. Flexible hardware and software programmable radios provide no-touch software updates. Integrated RF antenna design eliminates the need for costly, heavy coaxial cables between the multiple antennas and baseband modules. This integrated design avoids poser loss and tower loading issues associated with heavy, RF coaxial cables.

Fixed & Mobile Application
The WAP 800 provides Non-Line-of-Sight, fixed and mobile wireless broadband connections. The WAP 800 can dynamically select beamforming techniques that are optimized for fixed and mobile applications. This gives the subscribers consistently transparent, high throughput in all envirnoments.

Ease of Installation and Management
Motorola's wi4 WiMAX product portfolio is designed for easy installation, management and operation. The WAP 800 Series is a tower top solution with simple installation and zero footprint resulting in lower site costs. The flexible hardware and software programmable radios provide the benefits of no touch software updates for reduced CAPEX and OPEX.

Reduced CAPEX & OPEX
The IP end-to-end design of the WAP 800 with the Motorola wi4 WiMAX distributed network architecture eliminates high-cost centralized boxes, simplifies management, and reduces core transport costs. Connectivity to standard IP equipment allows operators to realize significant cost advantages.