Motorola WDE1000 Wireless Device Enabler

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Motorola WDE1000 Wireless Device Enabler

WDE1000 and WDE1100 enable Wi-Fi users to wirelessly access broadband applications with the industry's first combined 2.4 GHz / 4.9 GHz Wi-Fi cards. The Wireless Device Enabler (WDE) for MOTOMESHTM Quattro allows standards-based Wi-Fi network access via licensed 4.9 GHz or unlicensed 2.4 GHz frequencies. WDE1000 is designed for use in devices with an external PCMCIA card slot and WDE1100 is for use in devices with an internal Mini-PCI slot. The WDE products provide high bandwidth capabilities and the ability to instantly form ad hoc point-to-point broadband networks.

Powerful Portability and Proven Durability

* Lightweight and loaded with heavy-duty computer capabilities
* Easily docked in a vehicle and conveniently carried on scene
* Meets or exceeds all tested MIL-STD-810F standards

Dual-Band Capability

* 802.11a operating in the licensed 4.9 GHz Public Safety band, for use with MOTOMESHTM Multi-Radio Broadband Network
* 802.11b/g operating in the unlicensed 2.4 GHz band, for use with off the shelf WiFi access points and MOTOMESH Networks
* This dual network approach allows the flexibility of public service usage, while at the same time offering public safety officials the connectivity requirements they need for Mission Critical situations
* Dual networks also enable use of existing 2.4 GHz indoor infrastructure with the intent of deploying a 4.9 GHz network in the future

Wide Coverage Area

* Designed with increased range to cover a wider area than standard WiFi cards
* Diversity antenna connectivity and a built-in high performance antenna, along with a high transmit power, allow you to connect to your network where other cards will not

Ad Hoc Networking

* Create a high speed, broadband network between authorized devices, even in places where there is no network infrastructure
* Users can effortlessly establish fast, peer-to-peer communication links

Rugged Design

* Can be used in temperatures as low as -30° C, compared to standard cards operating only down to 0° C
* Because WDE1100 can be installed inside your device, it provides a sealed, rugged solution