Netgear CVG834G Wireless Cable Voice Gateway

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Netgear CVG834G Wireless Cable Voice Gateway

An "All-In-one" Cable Voice Gateway for Your Networking Solution

One Integrated Device is All You Need! Voice and Wireless Data Networking Converge.
NETGEAR's innovative CVG834G Wireless Cable Voice Gateway opens the door to a wide variety of new services. Combining NETGEAR's field-proven wireless cable modem router with PacketCable™ VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) technology, this device delivers all the capabilities of EuroDOCSIS 2.0 cable modem, 2-port voice terminal adapter, 802.11g wireless access point, firewall, router, and 4-port Ethernet switch with Plug-and-Play™ USB connectivity. Now customers can enjoy the broadest spectrum of multimedia, including IP telephony and complete network cable access with firewall protection for instant high-speed Web access, file sharing, multimedia conferencing, video streaming, interactive gaming, and MP3 downloading – all without the need for an external modem.

Ideal for VoIP, CVG834G turns your broadband line into a phone to save money on your calls. The state-of-the art filtering and controls with double firewall (SPI + NAT) protection secure your computers and networks from intruders and hackers. And with the NETGEAR name, you can rest assured that this device is engineered for trouble-free, long-running reliability.

"All-in-one" Device
CVG834G reduces the clutter of multiple networking devices and the jumble of wires. The integration of devices reduces difficulty in setting up and getting different devices to work together and simplifies control and management of your network environment. Simple, neat, and attractive, you will be proud to showcase the CVG834G as the centerpiece in your network.

Capability Packed
The integrated modem is EuroDOCSIS 2.0 certified for improved upstream bandwidth utilization and noise immunity, while the two voice ports are Euro PacketCable 1.0 certified, Euro PacketCable 1.5 compliant and support to SIP protocol. Four 10/100 Ethernet ports support up to 253 networked computers, the USB port supports plug-and-play connectivity, and the 54 Mbps 802.11g access point with support to WMM and mSSID (multiple SSIDs).

Secure and Private
URL content filtering and time-of-day usage limits give parents and administrators ultimate control over user access. E-mailed reports of browsing activities and optional real-time e-mail alerts provide further input on user activity. NAT (Network Address Translation) Firewall with VPN (virtual private network) pass-through protects against Internet attacks, and autopartitioning on each port protects each installed computer from damaged network connections.

Simple and Convenient
Designed to be simple to set up and use, CVG834G comes with an Install Assistant that provides guidance every step of the way. Lighted status icons make it easy to monitor network activity. And making calls is easy too. Just plug in a regular phone, sign up for VoIP phone service, and start calling. There is no additional equipment to buy. It's that easy!