Netgear GS608 Gigabit Ethernet Switch

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Netgear GS608 Gigabit Ethernet Switch

Gigabit Ethernet for Maximum Performance

* Connects up to 10x faster than Fast Ethernet for maximum performance
* Move large files such as multimedia, gaming and Internet access across your network at high speeds
* Fanless design for quiet operation
* Plug-and-play installation delivers ease of use


* Connects up to 5 or 8 devices delivering speeds up to 10x faster than Fast Ethernet
* Plug-and-play technology
* Dual color LEDs monitor link, speed,and activity
* Supports Fast and Gigabit Ethernet devices with automatic speed-sensing and AutoUplink™ technology
* Supports Windows® and Macintosh® platforms

Upgading to Gigabit

Five great reasons to upgrade your network with Gigabit!

1. 10x faster than Fast Ethernet—Gigabit Ethernet delivers speeds of up to 1000 Mbps
2. Significant boost in performance for bandwidth-intensive applications like video conferencing, video streaming, and gaming
3. Eliminates bottlenecks in your network
4. Backward compatible with 10 Mbps and 100 Mbps network devices
5. Affordable prices make it possible for you to join the technological revolution