Netgear GSM7324 ProSafe Layer 3 Managed Gigabit Switch

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Netgear GSM7324 ProSafe Layer 3 Managed Gigabit Switch

Now you can enjoy full Layer 3, Gigabit functionality at an affordable price. The NETGEAR Managed Gigabit Switches provides maximum throughput and flexibility for demanding networks, with all the Layer 3 features you expect. These 10/100/1000 switches addresses today's high-performance requirements, while providing the control you need — and the future-proofing you want. The GSM7312 and GSM7324 are ideal as a backbone for 10/100 switches, Gigabit servers, or as the robust core of a demanding, all-Gigabit network.

The GSM7312 and GSM7324 can be used to inexpensively off-load routers that are segmenting your network and lay the groundwork for new IP-based services. Layer 3 routing combined with L2/L3/L4 Quality of Service, bandwidth provisioning and access control features enable Voice over IP (VoIP) telephony, video conferencing, and other cost-saving applications.

The GSM7312 and GSM7324 Layer 3 Managed Gigabit Switches provides both Layer 2 and Layer 3 managed switching functionality. Their high-performance design offers a comprehensive set of features:

* Routing: IPv4 routing at wire speed, with up to 512 routes per unit; VRRP (IP redundancy), ICMP, RIP I and RIP II, OSPF, and DHCP/BOOTP relay
* Switching: Port trunking, broadcast storm protection, extensive VLAN support, IGMP snooping, Rapid Spanning Tree, and link aggregation
* Quality of Service: DiffServ, access control lists, and bandwidth provisioning using L2, L3, and L4 information.

Very affordable, the GSM7312 and GSM7324 provide the connection flexibility of 12 or 24 Copper Gigabit ports, or up to 12 small form-factor pluggable (SFP) modules, sold separately.


The GSM7312 and GSM7324 provide powerful, non-blocking data routing and forwarding via 12 or 24 Gigabit Ethernet ports. All ports have copper Gigabit Ethernet, with each port offering optional hot-swappable SFP GBIC slots, for fiber connections.

Easier Network Management

The GSM7312 and GSM7324 are simple to set up and use, with an intuitive browser interface for easy configuration. Choose from two management interface options – an easy-to-follow, browser-based interface, and a command line interface, available through console or telnet. Configuration files can be loaded and saved using TFTP, reducing the need for on-site administration.


A comprehensive set of Layer 3 features provides strong functionality in any network. For example, RIP routing for smaller networks and OSPFv2 routing for larger, more complex networks. The GSM7312 and GSM7324 helps maximize your network capabilities — and your return on investment.


These switches are also competitively priced to boost your network throughput without blowing your budget. Designed in a 1U form factor, this complete package comes equipped with a rack-mounting kit, terminal cable, and power cord.