Netgear TA612V Broadband Voice Adapter

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Netgear TA612V Broadband Voice Adapter

Turns Your Broadband Service into a Phone*
NETGEAR's TA612V Broadband Voice Adapter is the ideal Voice over IP (VoIP) terminal adapter delivering convergent voice services to the home networking environment. The TA612V's Netgear Intelligent Voice Provisioning Architecture (NIVPA) offers seamless interoperability to many of the leading VoIP service providers giving users an excellent plug-and-play experience.

The TA612V features two phone ports for connection to existing analog phones and fax machines. Its high performance voice DSP provides exceptional voice quality with adaptive jitter buffer and long G.165/G.168 echo tail.

A WAN Ethernet port connects the TA612V to the Internet via a broadband modem (cable, DSL), and a LAN Ethernet port is available to provide connectivity and router/firewall functionality for sharing the Internet connection with your computers. The TA612V supports prioritized voice traffic for optimum Quality of Service (QoS).

Simple and Convenient*
Make calls just the way you do today with your existing phone. Just plug in the TA612V to a broadband modem and phone, sign up for VoIP phone service, and start calling. It's that easy!

Money Saving*
Reduce your phone bill with VoIP phone service that often are flat rate for unlimited local and long distance calls. Make international calls at amazingly low rates too.

Loads of Call Features*
Caller ID, Call Waiting, Call Waiting Caller ID, Call Return, Call Back on Busy, 3-Way Conference Call, and Voice Mail just to name some of the available features.

It's a Router and Firewall Too
Use the TA612V to conveniently connect your computers to the Internet. A true firewall secures your network against hackers: Stateful Packet Inspection (SPI) and Denial of Service (DoS) attack prevention averts potential threats by scanning incoming traffic and Network Address Translation (NAT) shields your network devices from intruders.

(* Requires Voice over IP Phone Service, not included)