Netgear WGT624 Super-G Wireless Router

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Netgear WGT624 Super-G Wireless Router

NETGEAR's Super-G Wireless Router (WGT624) delivers network performance with up to twice the speed and four times the coverage of standard 802.11g connections. With the WGT624, you get better wireless speed and range to surf, email and send large files across the network. The WGT624 features double firewall protection to help shield the network from intrusions with two security methods. Setup is fast and easy with NETGEAR's Smart Wizard installation CD.

The WGT624 Super-G Wireless Router is optimized for use with NETGEAR's Super-G Wireless PC Card (WG511T), PCI Adapter (WG311T) and USB 2.0 Adapter (WG111T) and is backward compatible with 802.11 b wireless devices.

Advanced Speed and Range

* Better wireless speeds and range to surf and email
* Simple and secure way to share your high-speed Internet connection
* Easy set-up with Smart Wizard® installation CD
* Maximum performance requires use of Super-G wireless adapters


* Internet sharing broadband router and 4-port switch
* 2x the speed and 4x times the coverage of a Wireless-G router
* Configurable for private networks and public hotspots
* Double Firewall protection from external hackers attacks
* Touchless WiFi Security makes securing your network easy