Netgear WNHDEB111 HD/Gaming Wireless-N Networking Kit

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Netgear WNHDEB111 HD/Gaming Wireless-N Networking Kit

HD/Gaming 5 GHz Wireless-N Networking

* For high-performance wireless network gaming and multiple HD video streaming
* More wireless channels, less interference and better connections using 5 GHz Wireless-N band
* Automatic Quality of Service (QoS) ensures lag-free gaming and jitter-free HD streaming
* Works with Xbox™, PlayStation®, Wii™ , TiVo® HD, Slingbox™, digital set-top boxes, NETGEAR's Digital Entertainer HD, Apple® TV, network attached storage (NAS), and more


* Connects to any existing router/gateway and Ethernet ready device
* Automatically adjusts to the needs of Internet, voice, video and gaming applications (QoS)
* Wirelessly connect new devices easily and securely with Push 'N' Connect
* No need to remember your security password
* Supports wireless "ad-hoc" mode for wireless LAN peer-to-peer gaming
* Support multicast point-to-multi-point HD video streaming
* Automatically configures to access point or bridge mode

* IEEE802.11n draft specification, IEEE 802.11a, 5.0 GHz

Physical Specifications
* Dimensions: 225.5 x 172 x 39 mm (8.9 x 6.8 x 1.5 in) each unit
* Weight: .56 kg (1.2 lb) each unit

Ease of Use
* Preconfigured to securely connect to each other
* Auto configures in AP or bridge mode based on type of Ethernet enabled device it connects to
* Easy secured setup with Wi-Fi Protected Setup (WPS) push-button
* Smart Wizard® simplifies setup by automatically detecting and configuring your devices

* Wi-Fi Protected Access, Pre-Shared Key (WPA-PSK, WPA2-PSK)
* Wired Equivalent Privacy (WEP) 64-bit, 128-bit encryption

* NETGEAR 1-year Warranty

Package Contents
* Two (2) 5 GHz Wireless-N HD Access Point/Bridges (WNHDE111)
* Two (2) Stands
* Two (2) Ethernet cables
* Setup CD
* Two (2) 12V, 1.0A power adapters, localized to country of sale
* Warranty/support information card