Netgear WPN824EXT RangeMax WiFi Range Extender

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Netgear WPN824EXT RangeMax WiFi Range Extender

Extend the range of your wireless broadband network

* Plug into existing wireless broadband equipment for strong wireless signal throughout your home
* Easily upgrades your existing home network to deliver greater wireless signals around the home
* Connects to your existing equipment from your broadband Internet provider
* Easy step-by-step installation with Smart Wizard® CD


* Easy step-by-step installation connects to existing broadband equipment
* Built-in Quality of Service (QoS) ensures prioritization of VoIP and gaming traffic
* Extend your WiFi coverage: Better range than G routers and broadband wireless equipment
* Advanced wireless security encryption protects your data and privacy
* Connect more network-ready devices with additional 4 Ethernet ports
* Use with RangeMax Wireless Adapters for even better performance and network speed