Netgear XE104 Powerline 4-Port Ethernet Adapter

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Netgear XE104 Powerline 4-Port Ethernet Adapter

Extend your home network
The XE104 Powerline 4-Port Ethernet Adapter turns any power outlet into a 4-port home network connection. And, because there is no software to install, the XE104 is easy to set up. The XE104 adapter extends your network to provide connections without the cost or hassle of running new wiring. Just plug the XE104 Powerline 4-Port Ethernet Adapter directly into the wall outlet, and you're ready. The XE104 connects multiple devices to your network:

* Game Consoles
* Desktop PCs
* Notebook PCs
* Storage Central
* SlingBox™
* Internet Routers

Turn Any Electrical Outlet into a Home Network Connection

* Extends home networks by using existing electrical wires
* Turns any outlet into four new Ethernet network connections
* Simple plug-and-play installation


* Turns electrical sockets into home network/Internet points
* Delivers up to 85 Mbps wired speed
* Simply plug one XE104 into your router and a second XE104 into as many as 4 networked devices
* Connect desktop or laptop PCs, gaming consoles, network storage devices (NETGEAR SC101) or print server (NETGEAR PS121).
* Ideal for LAN gaming parties
* Supports Windows® Vista™