Sennheiser SI 29-5 IR Modulator

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Sennheiser SI 29-5 IR Modulator

The SI 29-5 is a 5-channel modulator. Its audio channels can be programmed to any of the 32 narrow-band channels, and monitoring is no problem due to integrated IR transmission diodes. The modulator is easy to program and features clear LED displays for monitoring all modulator functions.


* Modulator with up to five narrow-band audio channels
* Each audio channel can be programmed to any of the 32 carrier frequencies
* Several units can be cascaded to make systems of up to 32 channels
* Integrated IR monitoring diodes
* 19" (1 U) housing

Delivery Includes

* 1 x SI 29-5 modulator

Technical Data

Modulation: FM
Nominal deviation: +/- 6 kHz
Amplitude limitation: max. 30 dB
Deviation display: -20 dB....5dB / Peak
Number of channels: 5
Frequency: 55- 1.335 kHz
Output impedance: 50 Ohm
Power supply: 12 V AC
Power consumption: max. 17 W
Dimensions: 485 x 45 x 340 mm
Weight: 4 kg
Audio-XLR connector: XLR-3F trafosym.
Audio-XLR connector: D-Sub 25 PIN
AF sensitivity: 50 mV- 1,5 V
RF output: 2 x BNC
RF cascading socket: 2 x BNC
Suppression of harmonics: >60 dB
Peak deviation: +/- 7 kHz