Sony BKMFW50 Network Media Card

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Sony BKMFW50 Network Media Card

The BKM-FW50 is a networking device for entry level diginal signage. Primarily for Mom & Pop ship to medium sized installs. It fits right into the display with simple automoatic operation.


* Low cost
* Easy set up with no additional software needed
* IP Streaming play
* Local Storage play with compact flash
* Auto slide show mode
* PC presentation mode


Simple automoatic operation: *No need for network, no need for software! *Drag and drop MPEG2, JPEGs and GIFs *Place on Compact Flash - secured *Presentation automatically starts

Configure the display remotely: Status and control from remote locations

PC presentation mode: *What's on your PC shows up on the display

Works with current FWD42PV1 (42"plasma display).: It will work on future Sony display products.