Sony Ericsson GC89 EDGE/Wireless LAN PC Card

Sony Ericsson Updated: 2007-09-30
Sony Ericsson GC89 EDGE/Wireless LAN PC Card

True global mobility
Enjoy seamless, global connectivity. The quad-band GC89 keeps you connected to email, Web and company networks, regardless of where business takes you.

Flexible, fast, efficient
Whether you're waiting at an airport, relaxing at your hotel or meeting a client doesn't really matter; you're just as connected as in your office or at home.

Convenient and easy to use
Go online wirelessly, easily. Connect your PC or Apple™ laptop – with hundreds of GSM networks around the globe.

WLAN — Wireless high-speed access
Enjoy high speed Internet access using WLAN at hotspots in airports, coffee shops, shopping malls, or other locations such as in the office or at home.

EDGE — unbeatable coverage and speed
Covering more geographical territory than any other cellular technology, EDGE offers transfer speeds comparable to those of basic fixed-line services.

Small, efficient integrated antenna
Enjoy connection reliability with the PC card’s integrated antenna; suitable models can add an external antenna for enhancement in low signal areas.

Connectivity you can rely on
Sony Ericsson commits to industry standards, regulatory approvals and operator acceptance around the world – so you can rely on superb connectivity.

Globally supported
All Sony Ericsson products are supported with regional customer care centers, offering comprehensive information and support in local languages.