Sony LF-B20 LocationFree Wireless Base Station

Sony Updated: 2007-09-27
Sony LF-B20 LocationFree Wireless Base Station

Connects wirelessly in your home, the LF-B20 can stream live television and other video content, with excellent picture quality, through a home network or across the internet to remote devices. When you are away from home, accessing the Base Station is as easy as logging onto the internet. Log in and watch live TV, change channels, and access and control any additional audio-visual devices hooked up to the system. Featuring integrated 802.11 a/b/g wireless LAN1, NetAV streaming, and the ability to connect to PlayStation® Portable, Windows® and Mac OS X computers, TVs, and, coming this fall, Windows Mobile® cellular phones.

Total Entertainment Mobility
With LocationFree® Living by Sony, wherever you go, your home entertainment will follow. Now every show, every movie, all your created video, and even live moments can be where you are. Watch live TV, TV programming recorded on a digital video recorder (DVR), stored digital video, digital camcorder content, and more on a wide range of devices, including PlayStation® Portable System, notebook computers and cellular phones. LocationFree® Base Stations include LFA-PC20 LocationFree player for Microsoft® Windows® XP (single PC license, additional licenses sold separately).

Compatible with a Broad Range of Clients and Operating Systems
With LocationFree® Living, Sony brings total entertainment mobility to millions of entertainment enthusiasts. With the LocationFree® Base Station, you can watch your favorite TV shows, videos, and more on a PlayStation Portable System, Windows® PC, Mac (running OS X or later), or Windows® Mobile -powered cellular phone.

Integrated Wireless LAN and Wireless Access Point Functionality
Select models of the LocationFree® Base Station are equipped with integrated 802.11a/b/g wireless LAN1 capability, so you’re ready to access your media wirelessly from the get go. The Base Station can also act as a wireless access point for other 802.11 a/b/g devices.

Enhanced Picture Quality
The use of the AVC (advanced video coding) codec - also called the h.264 codec - means higher picture quality even at lower bit rates, which is how you're able to take the experience of entertainment in your living room to hotels, coffee shops, airports . . . anywhere else you have broadband access.

“At-Home” Experience Anywhere
LocationFree® Living by Sony truly enables you to take the experience of at-home entertainment with you wherever you go. LocationFree® Living employs advanced networking and video technologies such as the AVC Codec (a dream for digital video enthusiasts), integrated wireless LAN, and NetAV7 streaming for smooth access to video content via the Internet.

NetAV Streaming
NetAV enables you to connect your LocationFree® Base Station via a broadband Internet connection when you’re away from home (hotel, airport, office hot spots, etc.), so you can enjoy your favorite TV shows, movies, created video content, and more wherever you go.

Sleek, Stylish Design
LocationFree® Living is more than your solution for total entertainment mobility. LocationFree® Living looks good, too. Hardware components feature stylish design and a “piano” finish. The Location Free® Base Station can be set vertically or horizontally, so it fits easily into your home theater outfit, and if you choose the LF-B20 Base Station, you can set your Base Station up wirelessly, adding the genius of LcationFree® Living to your home entertainment outfit without cluttering it up.

User-Friendly Set-Up and Use
It’s easier than you can imagine to start your adventure in LocationFree® Living. The LF-B20 Base Station networks wirelessly with your system1. And if you choose the LF-B10 Base Station, connecting it is simple and includes automatic set-up for accessing the Base Station when you’re away from home. The handy set-up wizard whisks you through the software set-up process, including automatic device registration and automatic set-up for pre-installed security software. The onscreen remote control function makes it easy to navigate your media and services, and the fact that it’s equipped with a learning function means that you can replace other remote control devices and control your home.