Sony MFS2000 Multi Format Switcher Processor

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Sony MFS2000 Multi Format Switcher Processor

The MFS-2000 Series is a sophisticated switcher system available in both standard definition and multi-format configurations. The resolutions and frame rates for each configuration are listed below. All standard definition configurations can easily be upgraded to a multi-format system with minimal cost, simply by upgrading the software. This flexibility allows users to choose a switcher that meets their budgetary, operational, and future needs. Each of the four keyers offer linear key, luminance key, chroma key, and pattern key with edge and mask functions. To use the MFS2000 in Multi-Formats mode BZS2000M must be installed


* Multi Format switcher
* Can start as SD and be upgraded to HD via software
* Compact Size
* 1 ME or 1.5 ME in 3 RU frame
* 3 Control Panels to choose from
* 4 Full featured Keyers: Luminance, Linear, Chroma, Pattern
* Powerful Plug-in Options:
* Powerful 2CH Plug-in DME
* 6CH Frame Memory
* 2CH RGB Color Correction
* Live-ready features
* Parallel Tally Outputs & Serial Tally Interface
* Look-ahead preview
* Redundant PSU for Processor and Panel
* Integrated Device Control
* Supports Plug-in Editor