Sony MVS8000A Multi Format Switcher Processor

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Sony MVS8000A Multi Format Switcher Processor

Multi-format Switcher Processor. The MVS-8000A is the latest generation of Sony's digital video switcher and DME family. The MVS-8000A system is a multi-format switcher, and is capable of operating in menu selectable SD/HD bitrates. The MVS-8000A system can accommodate from 2 to 4 M/E banks in the processor, , and COMES WITH 2M/E, 17 inputs, 24 outputs and 2 power supplies . Multiple processors and panels may be connected on the same network, allowing the ultimate in resource sharing and mission-critical redundancy. Each M/E bank is full-featured and comes standard with 4 FineKey(tm) keyers with edge generators, 4 Chromakeyers and 14 dedicated wipe generators including 5 transition generators, 1 common and 4 local. Keyer features include Luminance, Linear, Chroma, Color Vector and Pattern Keys. Each keyer also has two independent mask generators. The MVS-8000A system can control up to 30 external devices, such as DDR, VTR or ESAM-II Audio consoles. The MVS-8000A system can also use up to 8 channels of internal or external 3D DME. Each DME channel includes video and key channels and is equipped with non-linear capability. The MVS system uses two 100 Megabit Ethernet connections on all key MVS components and Sony peripherals. These Ethernet connections are used for real-time control and data transfer. An optional network manager PC can be added to the data ethernet for access to available LAN/WAN systems facilitating the transfer of files for remote administrative tasks including status monitoring, software upgrades and configuration, as well as maintenance and facility management tasks. Image file transfers are also available for sharing graphics and titling resources. The frame memory system has 8 simultaneous outputs and can store more than 200 frames of video or key (in SD mode). The memory buffer can sequentially recall frames at frame-rate so that short logo animations can be played. Sony S-Bus router interface is provided.


* Multi-format capability -- 1080i/60, 59.9 4, 50, -- 1080p/30, 29.97, 25, 24, 23.976, -- 720p/59.94, -- 480i/59.94, -- 576i/50
* 2, 2.5, 3, 3.5, and 4 Mix/Effects configurations
* Layout free control panel
* Creative M/E functionality -- Four full function keyers per M/E, -- Multiple M/E Program out configurations, -- 14 individual wipe pattern generators per M/E
* Independent M/E functionality -- 4:3 / 16:9, Crosspoint Assignments and Bus Toggle on/off, -- Snapshots, Keyframe and various setups
* Up to 80 inputs and 56 outputs (including 8 monitor outputs)