Sony PCSG70S 4 Mbps High-End Video Communication System

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Sony PCSG70S 4 Mbps High-End Video Communication System


High Speed Network Connection: The PCS-G70 with the powerful codec engine is capable to achieve Maximum 4Mbps bandwidth of IP connection that is currently the industry's highest level. For the ISDN connection, the PCS-G70 is the only model in PCS series supporting the PRI I/F of E1 (2Mbsp) / T1 (1.5Mbps).

High Resolution and Motion Video: The PCS-G70 supports the 4CIF format at Maximum 30fps in H.263 Video Encode Mode and the interlaced SIF format (60 fields per second) in H.264 Video Encode Mode. With this high resolution video encode modes at a high video bitrate such as 4Mbps the PCS-G70 will provide high video quality as standard TVs.

16:9 3CCD High Quality Camera Support: The PCS-G70 supports for the BRC-300 which is the 16:9 / 4:3 Switch-able 3CCD high quality camera. It can control BRC-300 in the same way as the standard camera regarding the Pan, Tilt and Zoom and etc. With the high quality video input from the BRC-300 and the powerful encoding capability the PCS-G70 will realize an excellent video.

High Quality Video and Audio in Multipoint Conference: The PCS-G70 can achieve the maximum 30 fps in the video encode, and supports H.264 video encode mode and MPEG4 AAC mono audio encode mode in the multi-point operation. Therefore high quality video and audio can be maintained even in multi-point conferences.

H.320/323 Bridging and Speed Matching: H.320/323 Bridging function is supported on the PCS-G70 in the same way as the PCS-1. In addition the PCS-G70 can accommodate two different speeds of the connections for H.320 and H.323 respectively. With this function it's possible to avoid lowering the speed of H.323 connection to match the H.320 connection. Thus the system performance can be maintained.

Five Monitor Out: The PCS-G70 supports 5 monitor out function to display each terminal site on an individual monitor up to 5 sites when it works as MCU. With this function good quality of video for the terminal site can be viewed at the MCU site.

Site Names Display: The PCS-G70 is capable to display the site names on the display even in the multi-way split display mode in multi-point conferences. This will greatly help the participants in multi-point conferences to understand the source of the video.

Dual Video Supported: The PCS-G70 supports the Dual Camera Input and H.239 Dual Video Stream function. These functions give the PCS-G70 a scalability to be applied to a larger scale conference room, a high quality boardroom and a class room in a higher grade school and so on.

Enhanced QoS: The PCS-G70 newly supports the FEC (Forward Error Correction) to enhance the QoS function in addition to the ARC (Adaptive Rate Control) and Real-time ARQ (Auto Repeat request). The PCS-G70 will utilize the above three methods simultaneously in an optimum ratio and maintain a very stable connection.

Unique Design: Having succeeded to the two piece design from PCS-1, the PCS-G70 has got a more sophisticated design to fit into a stylish design and even high quality of the conference rooms. The codec unit is designed to be placed vertically or flat on its side. Therefore it can be smartly placed in any space with the codec stand and also put into the normal rack.

High-end videoconferencing system Codec Only model


* Support Up To 4 Mbps IP Or 1.5 Mbps ISDN
* Built-in Sony-Developed QoS Technology
* Up To Six Site H.320 And H.323 MCUs
* MCU Cascading Up To 10 Sites
* Four Camera Support
* Far-end Camera Control With Multi-point
* Improved Picture MPEG-4 and H.264
* Flexible Installation Options
* Audio 14kHz Quality (MPEG4 AAC)
* IP Encryption H.235 Standard (AES)
* Improved Data Collaboration
* H.239 Data Solutions Box (PCS-DSB1)
* Digital Whiteboard Support (Mimio Xi)
* T-120 Net Meeting
* Direct Output To Data Or NTSC Displays
* File Sharing
* Memory StickTM
* 2x Video Inputs
* QoS – ARC, ARQ, and FEC
* Private Phonebook
* Auto Call
* Support Triple Monitor
* Five multi monitor output (MCU)
* Dual video support (H.239)
* 4CIF (H.263) and Interlaced SIF (H.263 / H.264) video support
* Speed matching between IP and ISDN
* Audio visual recording to Memory Stick media
* Streaming
* Optional tracking camera (PCSA-CTG70)
* Optional echo canceller microphone (PCSA-A7P4)
* UPnP support