Sony PFVSP3300 Signal Processing Frame

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Sony PFVSP3300 Signal Processing Frame

The PFV-SP3300 is a Compact 3 RU frame that houses up to 17 HKPF-SP series modules. Backup power supply unit HK-PSU03 can be installed. Remote monitoring and control (CPU option required). With an HKSP-300 processing module controller installed, PFV-SP Series processing boards can be managed via a LAN 100Base-T Ethernet network. Supports the following HKSP/HKPF-SP boards:; HKPF-SP003 Digital Video Distribution Amp; HKPF-SP021 Optical to Electrical Converter; HKPF-SP022 Electrical to Optical Converter; HKSP-008HD HD Frame/Line Synchronizer; HKSP-061M 8 x 4 Digital Video Selector; HKSP-105 HD Audio/Video Multiplexer Board; HKSP-106 HD Audio/Video Demultiplexer Board; HKSP-1125 HD Up-converter Board; HKSP-300 Processing Module Controller; HKSP-313 HD Color Corrector Board; HKSP-525 Down Converter Board; HKSP-R80 Routing Switcher Controller; HKSP-R81 Routing Switcher Backup CPU; UCP-8060 Universal Control Panel;


* Compact 3RU Frame
* Houses up to 17 HKPF-SP series modules
* Remote monitoring and control capability (CPU option required)
* Internal air forced cooling and sufficient power for any combination of modules
* Hot-swappable backup power supply and CPU options