Sony WLA-NWB1 Walkman Bluetooth Adapter

Sony Updated: 2008-08-03 RSS
Sony WLA-NWB1 Walkman Bluetooth Adapter

Go wireless with the WLA-NWB1 Bluetooth® adapter. Designed for your NWZ-A820, A810, A720, S710F or S610F Walkman® Video MP3 player, this little device allows you to stream your music to A2DP Bluetooth-enabled devices, opening up a whole new world of possibilities. Listen wirelessly on a compatible headset, making cord tangles a thing of the past, or stream your music to an A2DP stereo system, so you can share your music with everyone. The 30ft indoors transmission range allows you to stream your tunes across the room, and the approximate 20ft outdoors range makes it useful for tailgating or the backyard cook-out.

Small Bluetooth® adaptor for easy enjoyment of wireless entertainment with Walkman®

Power supplied by the Walkman® player

Transmission range: 30ft or 10m (in the room/outdoors)

Playable time: 7hrs