Trendnet TE100-DX8Eplus Dual Speed Hub

Trendnet Updated: 2009-01-21 RSS
Trendnet TE100-DX8Eplus Dual Speed Hub

TRENDnet's TE100-DX8Eplus is an 8-port palm-size dual speed hub that presents a quickest way to build or expand a Fast Ethernet network. Each port automatically detects and negotiates 10Mbps and 100Mbps connections. With built-in switch, it allows communication between network end nodes operating at different speeds. These hubs support one switch port that allows your hub to be uplinked together without considering the uplink rule of 10Mbps and 100Mbps hubs. An uplink port extends the distance to 100 meters with 10Mbps or 100Mbps hub stacks. TRENDnet's TE100-DX8Eplus is perfect for small workgroups to expand as their networking needs grow.


* Compatible with IEEE 802.3 10Base-T Ethernet IEEE 802.3µ Fast Ethernet standards
* 8 10/100Mbps auto-negotiation ports
* Fast Ethernet supports both shielded twisted pair and CAT 5 unshielded twisted pair cables
* MID-II uplink port for easy expansion
* Built-in switch function intercommunicates between 10Mbps and 100Mbps segments
* Plug and Play with auto-configuration
* One switch port supports 100Mbps uplink distance up to 100 meters
* External power adapter included
* Uplink jack for easy linking of two hubs to further expands the network
* 5-year limited warranty