Trendnet TE100-H8E 100Base-TX Ethernet Mini Hub

Trendnet Updated: 2009-01-21 RSS
Trendnet TE100-H8E 100Base-TX Ethernet Mini Hub

Trends change faster than information traveling at 100Mbps. The 8-port TE100-H8E is a lasting trend that can easily be expanded using its uplink port for 100Base-TX Class II network growth. It has an external power supply which makes it an affordable networking solution and can easily be connected with up to five/eight work stations or servers.


* Supports five/eight 100Base-TX ports per hub.
* Uplink port provides easy expansion to another 100BaseTX Class II hub.
* Can be installed using STP/UTP category 5 cabling systems.
* Sturdy all metal housing.
* Preamble regeneration, retiming incoming frames.
* Status LED indicators for hub diagnostics and network utilization.
* Port jabber and auto partition protection, data collision detection and handling.
* 5-year limited warranty