Trendnet TEG-S2400i Layer 2 Switch

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Trendnet TEG-S2400i Layer 2 Switch

The TEG-S2400i 24 Port Stackable SNMP switch provides foundation for a highly scalable and easily managed network. The Web/SNMP Managed Switch allows network administrators to remotely monitor and manage network performance and security. Network administrators can stack up to 16 switches and manage them with a single IP address. The TEG-S2400i can be incorporated into high-speed backbone connectivity through Gigabit ports or mini-GBIC ports. Security and performance are optimized with advanced features including Port/Tag-based VLAN, QoS, and Trunking.


* Stackable up to 16 Switches with Gigabit Ports
- Single IP function supports up to 32 Switches
- Single IP management with stackable mode (Gigabit ports only)
- Single IP management with agent mode (Any port on the switch)
* Manage all Uplink or Stacked Switches Locally or Remotely with a Single IP Address
- Public IP required when managing remotely; Port 80/28019 need to be opened when running behind a Firewall/Router
* 2410/100Mbps Auto-Negotiation Ethernet/Fast Ethernet Ports
* 1 Gigabit Module Slot; supports the following optional Modules: 1-Port 100Base-FX, 2-Port 100Base-FX, 2-Port Copper Gigabit, 1-PortFiber Gigabit, 2-Port Fiber Gigabit, or 1-Port Copper Gigabit + 1-Port GBIC
* Built-in 3Mb Packet Buffer and 1Mb Control Buffer
* Provides 6K MAC, 4K VLAN and 2K Multicast Entries
* Supports 255 Entries of Static MAC and Port Based MAC Table Display
* Supports 802.3x Flow Control for Both Half/Full Duplex Operation
* Supports Head-of-Line Blocking Prevention
* Supports Broadcast Storm Filtering
* Supports Port-Based VLAN (256 Groups), IEEE 802.1QTag-Based VLAN (PVID 1~255)
* Supports 802.1v Protocol-Based VLAN Classification
* Supports 802.1x Authentication and Authorization
* Supports IP Multicast, IGMP Snooping and 802.1DSpanning Tree
* Supports 2-Level Priority Queuing
* Supports Port Trunking with Flexible Load Distribution Control and Fail-Over Functions
- Max 7 Trunk groups with 4 ports per group
* Supports Ingress Port Security Mode and By-Port Egress/Ingress Rate Control
* Supports Source-Port-Based, Destination-Port-Based, and Source-Destination-Pair-Based Sniffer Function
* Supports RMON Group 1, 2, 3, 9 and PING Function from the Switch
* Store-and-Forward Switching Architecture with Non-Blocking Wire-Speed Performance
* Configuration via Console Port (serial cable included), SNMP (v1.0, MIB II), TELNET, and Web Browser
* Upgradeable Firmware via Browser with TFTP Program
* Standard19” (1U) Rack Mount Size (kit included)
* 5-year limited warranty

Optional Modules

TEG-S24M100F: 1-Port Multimode SC-type 100Base-FX Module
TEG-S24M200F: 2-Port Multimode SC-type100Base-FX Module
TEG-S24M2C: 2-Port 10/100/1000 Copper Gigabit Module
TEG-S24M1F: 1-Port Multimode SC-type Fiber Gigabit Module
TEG-S24M2F: 2-Port Multimode SC-type Fiber Gigabit Module
TEG-S24M11GF: 1-Port 10/100/1000MbpsCopper Gigabit + 1-Port 1000Base-SX multimode SC type Module