Trendnet TFM-CF56 CompactFlash 56K Fax Modem Card

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Trendnet TFM-CF56 CompactFlash 56K Fax Modem Card

TRENDnet's TFM-CF56 CompactFlash 56K Fax Modem Card is the latest in communication innovation. Designed with an integrated RJ-11 connector for telephone line connection, this CompactFlash Fax Modem is the easiest and fastest way to connect to the Internet. Designed for Pocket PC / Windows CE-base palm sized hand-held PCs, you can just insert the card and then dial-up to ISP for accessing Internet and e-mails. With the "Hot Swap" option, TRENDnet's TFM-CF56 provides easy installation and configuration for your dial-up applications.


* Small form factor integrates into mobile and handheld platforms
* XpressPort design, with integrated RJ11 phone connector into the card. No moving parts to break and no media coupler to lose
* Complies with CF+/CompactFlash Rev. 1.4
* Designed for Windows CE handheld devices to connect to Internet
* Plug and Play device for easy installation and configuration
* "Hot Swap" card insertion and removal
* Low power consumption with 3.3V operation
* Auto-step downward compatibility for connection
* 3-year limited warranty