Trendnet TW100-S4W1CA Broadband Router

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Trendnet TW100-S4W1CA Broadband Router

TW100-S4W1CA 4-port Cable/DSL Broadband router provides the easiest and securest way to share your high-speed Cable/xDSL Internet connection. It has four 10/100Mbps half/full duplex switch ports that directly connect to workstations or uplink to another hub or switch. The TW100-S4W1CA also functions as a firewall for your PC, protecting your computer from hackers. It allows up to 253 users to access the Internet using a single ISP account. By sharing just one TW100-S4W1CA, one IP address, and one Cable/xDSL modem, dozens of network users can surf the Internet simultaneously. TRENDnet´s Cable/DSL Modem Internet Station is a feature-rich product that provides cost-effective functionality and an easy configuration.


* Supports Cable/DSL Modem with Dynamic IP, Fixed IP, PPPoE and PPTP Connection Types
* Provides NAT (Network Address Port Translation) Firewall
* Supports Virtual Servers (Port Forwarding) and DMZ
* Supports Client Filtering by Date/Time (10 Entries and Special Applications Filter (10 Entries)
* Supports MAC Address Control to Allow or Deny Access (32 Entries)
* Supports DNS (Domain Name System) Account for Server Mapping and Dynamic DNS Service
* Supports IPSec and PPTP VPN Pass-Through (when each VPN client connects to a different VPN endpoint)
* Supports UPnP (Universal Plug & Play)
* Easy Web Browser Configuration and Remote Management
* Flash Memory for Firmware Upgrade and Save/Restore Router Configuration
* 5-year limited warranty