Tripp Lite B004-VUA2-K-R KVM Switch

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Tripp Lite B004-VUA2-K-R KVM Switch

The B004-VUA2-K-R is a 2-port Compact USB KVM Switch with optional audio and microphone switching function. It allows you to access, control, boot and reboot two USB-enabled computers from a single console (keyboard, monitor and mouse). The independent audio/mic switching function allows an uninterrupted audio experience - you can continue listening to audio even when you switch to the other computer.

It includes innovative, easy-to-use KVM Switcher Software for Windows® and Macintosh® platforms. A small client application facilitates your KVM switching operations such as computer selection, hot key sequence programming, auto-scanning, auto-scan delay time programming, independent or simultaneous audio/computer switching and more.

* Fast, easy switching via keyboard hot keys, push buttons or software
* Plug-and-play setup - no software required
* Hot-swap capability allows easy addition or removal of computers without powering down the switch or other computers
* Speaker and microphone connections allow sharing of audio components between systems (standard 3.5 mm audio connections)
* Independent audio switching allows you to listen to audio from one computer while switching to the other computer
* Supports video resolutions up to 2048 x 1536 (standard 15-pin VGA connectors)
* Supports Microsoft® IntelliMouse® and the scrolling wheel on most mice
* Compact design saves desk space
* Does not require an AC adapter
* One Year Limited Warranty


* Use this KVM switch when accessing two USB-equipped computers with one monitor, keyboard and mouse.

System Requirements

* Console: VGA, SVGA or Multisync Monitor, USB Keyboard and USB Mouse
* Computers: VGA, SVGA or Multisync Monitor Port and USB Port
* Audio (Optional): Speakers with standard 3.5 mm Connectors and a computer with 3.5mm ports

Package Includes

* Compact 2-port USB KVM Switch with Audio
* (2) USB KVM Cable Kits and (2) 3.5mm Audio Cable Kits
* CD-ROM with KVM Switcher Software
* Owner's Manual with Warranty Information