Tripp Lite B050-000 IP Remote Access Unit

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Tripp Lite B050-000 IP Remote Access Unit

Tripp Lite's B050-000, IP Remote Access Unit, offers convenient and economic remote KVM access and control via LAN or Internet. It captures, digitizes, and compresses video data and transmits them, with keyboard and mouse signals, to and from a remote computer; work from anywhere in the office, remote locations, or from home! The B050-000 provides a non-intrusive solution for both remote access and control. The remote access and control software runs on its embedded processors only, but not on mission-critical servers, so that there is no interference with server operation or even impact on the network performance.

The B050-000 may be accessed using a standard Java enabled web browser. You may use the HTTP protocol, or, a secure encrypted connection via HTTPS. Just enter the configured IP address of the B050-000 into your web browser. There is only one user who has unrestricted access to all of the B050-000 features. The unit also features Lightweight Directory Access Protocol ( LDAP ) support, an application protocol for querying and modifying directory services running over TCP/IP.

* KVM access (keyboard, video, mouse) over IP or analog telephone line
* Works with Microsoft Internet Explorer 5.0 or higher
* Senses video resolution automatically for the best possible screen capture
* High-Performance mouse tracking and synchronization
* Features 256-bit SSL encrypted security
* Additional port to connect a local user console for direct analog access to the KVM switch
* Flash - upgradeable firmware
* Supports SNMP and LDAP
* Compact size: 3.75"L x 1"H x 2.75"H


* Where remote (offsite) access is needed to KVM switches and their connected servers.

System Requirements

* PS/2 KVM Switch
* Internet Explorer 5.0 or higher
* Java enabled web browser

Package Includes

* 1 - B050-000 Base unit w/CD-ROM
* 1 - External Power supply
* 2 - KVM cable kits
* 1 - Null Modem Cable
* 1 - Quick Start Guide
* 1 - Owner's Manual CD