Tripp Lite B060-032-8 Rackmount Cat5 Matrix KVM Switch

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Tripp Lite B060-032-8 Rackmount Cat5 Matrix KVM Switch

Tripp Lite's 32-port NetDirector® 1U Rackmount Matrix KVM Switch is the optimal solution for controlling multiple computers (combination of PS/2 or USB) by eight independent, simultaneous users. A single unit occupies a mere 1U of rack space, yet can control up to 32 computers. Expand your control to over 8,000 computers using a combination of daisy-chaining and cascading. A web-based administrator utility offers a quick and efficient way to manage users and ports on the KVM installation. RJ45 connections allow signals to travel up to 150 meters away(500 ft.)using ordinary Cat5 cable, while maintaining video resolution. Use either PS/2 or USB console equipment to connect to PS/2 or USB Servers.

* Three-level password security: Super Administrator, Administrator, and Users
* Web-based Administrator Utility offers a quick and effecient way to manage users and ports on the KVM installation
* Auto Signal Compensation (ASC) assures optimum video resolution for distances up to 500ft between the switch and the consoles or computers - no dip switch setting required
* PS/2 keyboard and mouse emulation - computers boot even when the console focus is elsewhere. Keep Alive feature ensures that the keyboard and mouse work properly even if the switch temporarily loses power
* Daisy-chain up to 7 additional B060-032, or B060-016-2 Matrix KVM Switches
* Over 8,000 computers on a daisy chained/cascaded installation
* No software required; convenient computer selection via intuitive hotkey combinations or On Screen Display (OSD) menus
* OSD port list automatically expands when stations are added - port names are automatically reconfigured when the station sequence is changed
* OSD screen automatically adjusts to resolution changes
* Hot pluggable; add or remove components without having to power off the switch
* USB & PS/2 Consoles can control any combination of USB or PS/2 computers
* LCD, VGA, SVGA, XGA, and MultiSync support; DDC2B
* Lifetime firmware upgrading via flash ROM
* Three-levels of user access control (Super Administrator, Administrator, and User)
* Supports up to 1024 user accounts and up to 256 group accounts
* Super Administrators can view and end sessions of other users
* Superior video quality: 1024 x 768 @ 60Hz for up to 300 m; 1920 x 1440 @ 60Hz (distance depends on installation environment)
* Rackmount Hardware Included

System Requirements

* Console: The Tripp Lite B062-002-PS2 or B062-002-USB Console Interface Module must be used to connect a console to the user port of the KVM switch
* Computers: The Tripp Lite B054-001-PS2 or B054-001-USB Server Interface Module must be used to connect the KVM switch to the server(s)

Package Includes

* B060-032-8 Matrix KVM Switch
* 1 - Power Cord
* 1 - Set of Foot Pads
* 1 - CD with User Manual and Quick Start Guide
* 1 set - Rackmount Hardware