Vantec CB-USB20PL USB to Parallel Adapter

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Vantec CB-USB20PL USB to Parallel Adapter

Vantec USB Parallel Printer Converter allows you to connect your parallel printer to a USB port on your computer. The parallel end fits directly into the connecter on your printer (36-pin). The USB interface provides up to 12Mbps data transfer and it provides true Plug & Play and hot-plug compatible, it also a convenient way to connect multiple printers to your computer.

* Single Chip (ASIC) USB to Parallel Communication
* Windows 98 and Windows ME Driver Support
* Universal Serial Bus Specification Rev. 1.1 Compliant
* USB Full Speed Communication and Bus Powered
* USB Printer Class Specification 1.0 Compliant
* IEEE-1284 1994 (Bi-Directional Parallel Interface) Specification Compliant

Model: CB-USB20PL
Interface: USB 1.1 Compliant A Type Male Connector; Parallel IEEE 1284 Bi-Directional DB25/36 Female Connector
Cable Length: 200 cm (78.7 in)

System Requirements:
* Intel Compatible 486DX-66 MHz CPU or Higher
* One Standard 4-Pin USB Port
* Windows 98 or Later Operating Systems

Package Contents:
USB to Parallel Adapter/ Software CD Driver/ Quick Installation Guide