ZyXEL ES-108A Fast Ethernet Switch

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ZyXEL ES-108A Fast Ethernet Switch

Reserve VIP Ports for Online Media-rich Applications

You've heard about ZyXEL's carrier grade reliability, you're familiar with ZyXEL's advanced Enterprise grade features, and you've decided to get a ZyXEL switch for your home or small office. Our 100 Series of switches was designed for you. These simple plug and play switches are designed to be mounted on a wall or on your desk and are perfect for home and small office users. The small form factor means no problem finding a spot for them, and they're built to ZyXEL's legendary standards for quality. Some models contain special ports for plug and play Quality of Service (QoS) for online gaming, video chatting, and VoIP based phone systems, giving you advanced features with zero manual configuration.

* "VIP Ports" provide configuration free Quality of Service for better VoIP and gaming performance
* 5 autosensing 10/100 full duplex ports for compatiblity
* Full wire-speed store-and-forward technology support for best performance
* Auto-MDI/MDI-X functions support lets you use any CAT-5 cable

VIP Ports for Priority Application Performance
By applying advanced switching technology, ZyXEL specifically designed this series of Desktop Ethernet Switches with "VIP ports" reserved for media-rich applications. The ES-108A reserves three ports for intensive network demands like Internet surfing, on-line gaming and media-rich applications

Better Performance and Efficiency
The ZyXEL Desktop Ethernet Switch, with 8-ports, is designed to boost your home network with better performance and efficiency. With the N-way auto-negotiation function, the ES-108A connects the network counterparts with highest possible network speed and activates duplex mode automatically. The store-and-forward service brings low latency and error-free packet delivering. The plug-and-play and multiple network protocol compatibility of the ES-108A make installation and management easier and faster than ever.

Stylish and Compact Design
With the new ZyXEL-exclusive stylish and low-peofiles design, the ES-108A fits into your home ambiance for a trouble-free networking environment embodying ZyXEL's emphasis on design.