ZyXEL ES-1124 Ethernet Switch

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ZyXEL ES-1124 Ethernet Switch

ZyXEL's 1000 Series of switches offer dependable switching capability in a rack mountable form factor. Available in both Faster & Gigabit Ethernet varieties, the 1000 Series is the perfect way to add more ports to your network. All ports are plug and play, turn on your switch, plug in your network devices and away you go.

* Small and Medium Business looking for cost-effective edge switch to desktops
* Business looking for minimal network management effort and reduced expanses; no configuration required
* Small and Medium Business or campus with a Gigabit backbone looking for enhanced network performance

Better Performance and Efficiency
The Rackmount Unmanaged Ethernet Switch, with 24-ports, is designed to boost your network with better performance and efficiency. With the N-Way auto-negotiation function, the 1024B connects the network counterparts with the highest possible network speed and activates duplex mode automatically.

Transmission Reliability
Unlike shared 10/100Mbps networks, the ZyXEL Rackmount Ethernet Switch series, the ES-1024B, eliminates congestion by providing dedicated bandwidth. Its duplex mode doubles the effective bandwidth by enabling two-way communications. Store-and-forward service brings low latency and errorfree packet delivering. The plug-and-play and multiple network protocol compatibility of ES-1024B make the installation and management easier and faster than ever.

Industrial Size Fits Your Working Environment
The 19" size fits into your rack environment due to included rack mount brackets. No matter how intensive your network demands, ZyXEL's 24-port rackmount unmanaged Ethernet switch support your needs with an affordable and reliable network solution designed especially for Small office and Medium business.