ZyXEL ES-3124F Ethernet Switch

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ZyXEL ES-3124F Ethernet Switch

Premium Access Switch Light Active Ethernet ETTx Service Network
What happens if you need something a little more advanced thas a layer 2 switch, but don't need the routing features of a layer 3 switch? You turn to ZyXEL's 3000 Series of L2+ switches! L2+ switches give you all the features you've come to love about L2 switches (QoS, security, VLAN's) and add in L3 and L4 ACL lists. This makes them perfect for networks that handle data as well as voice or video traffic as it allows you to apply security and QoS rules based on IP address, port, or protocol used by traffic passing through the switch. In addition these switches can be managed by web or command line interfaces, SNMP traps allow for easy monitoring, and iStacking allows you to virtually stack switches on the same network for easier management.

* 24 100BASE-X SFP Open Slots provide flexiblity in fiber technology
* 4 GbE SFP Slots for fast uplinks to the rest of your network
* Backup Power System (BPS) support to minimizes network downtime
* Policy-based QoS optimizes multi-service quality
* Minimizes Channel Surfing Disturbance with Fast Leave

Easy ETTx Deployments
ZyXEL's ES-3124F is a series of carrier-class L2+ managed access switches. With robust performance in network resiliency, QoS, IP multicasting and security, the ES-3124F is the ideal solution for cable, utilities or municipality operators and service providers to adopt in Active Ethernet ETTx deployments.

ES-3124F supports four GbE SFP slots for establishing fiber rings to offer better network resiliency, while ES-3124F has 24 100BASE-X SFP open slots for superior fiber aggregation capability. ES-3124F can be combined with ES-2108-F to form an end-to-end fiber access solution. All above models support the latest single fiber transceiver (BX type) for better system flexibility and easier fiber installation.

Robust and High-Availability System Design
As an alternative power source, BPS prevents the system from total blackouts caused by internal AC power supply failures, and IEEE802.3ad Link aggregation also reduces network downtime by providing more packet paths and performs bandwidth aggregation on critical paths. The 4G uplink not only provides superb bandwidth, but also forms a high-resiliency ring topology, which greatly improve network uptime and stability.

Secured Service-Level IP TV & VoIP Operations
The ES-3124F comes with proven QoS and VLAN functions to ensure smooth operation. For instance, QoS features like multi-layer (L2/L3/L4) ACL, eight priority queues, DSCP and WFQ scheduling algorithm all maximize bandwidth usage and improve network service quality, while MVR and IGMP snooping enables effective IP TV multicasting. In addition, Fast Leave eradicates streaming quality disturbance when users surf between different channels, and bandwidth control with granularity of 64kbps brings better bandwidth administration to network operators.

Standardized Services Empowered by Service-Aware VLAN
With 256 static VLAN entries, the ES-3124F sufficiently satisfies the growing need for video, VoIP and access identification functionalities required by converged networks to deliver multiple services. Furthermore, The 4K PVID offers the best flexibility for VLAN configuration, while the L2VPN service is made possible by the VLAN stacking (Q-in-Q) feature.

Strengthened Service Management and Control
The ES-3124F supports the 802.3ah operation, administration and maintenance (OAM) standard to facilitate device management and ZyXEL NetAtlas Enterprise EMS software for central management In addition, command-line interface (CLI) and text configuration are also offered for the staff to manage the network more conveniently and effectively.