ZyXEL ES-3124PWR Ethernet Switch

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ZyXEL ES-3124PWR Ethernet Switch

Complete Voice and Data Solution with Power over Ethernet for Converged Network Implementation
What happens if you need something a little more advanced thas a layer 2 switch, but don't need the routing features of a layer 3 switch? You turn to ZyXEL's 3000 Series of L2+ switches! L2+ switches give you all the features you've come to love about L2 switches (QoS, security, VLAN's) and add in L3 and L4 ACL lists. This makes them perfect for networks that handle data as well as voice or video traffic as it allows you to apply security and QoS rules based on IP address, port, or protocol used by traffic passing through the switch. In addition these switches can be managed by web or command line interfaces, SNMP traps allow for easy monitoring, and iStacking allows you to virtually stack switches on the same network for easier management.

* 24 Ports of full power 802.3af compliant PoE make it perfect for VoIP and WiFi deployments
* L2+ (L2-L4) Access Control List (ACL) allows for better QoS and multimedia
* ZyXEL iStacking™ Technology allows you to managed multiple switches from one IP
* SSH v1/v2 , SSL/TLS for secure managment

Power over Ethernet (PoE) Support
ZyXEL ES-3124PWR is an intelligent L2+ managed Power over Ethernet (PoE) switch designed for Enterprises and campuses needing to deploy powered networking devices at remote locations. The ES-3124PWR conforms to the IEEE 802.3af standard supporting all PoE network infrastructures in the corporate environment. The PoE technology adopted by ES-3124PWR allows Enterprises to transmit both data and electrical power to remotely powered devices, such as IP cameras, IP phones, and wireless AP or routers through existing CAT-5 UTP cabling. This provides several advantages including single cabling, centralized remote power monitoring, as well as plug-and-play convenience and flexibility. These advantages result in lower deployment cost, higher management efficiency, and future reconfiguration flexibility.

Flexibility and Extensibility
With 24 10/100Mbps RJ-45 ports, two GbE copper ports and two dual-personality SFP / copper GbE interface, ZyXEL ES-3124PWR boasts a high performance switch architecture that is capable of providing non-blocking switch fabric and wire-speed throughput as high as 12.8Gbps. Its four built-in GbE uplink ports offer incredible extensibility, flexibility, and connectivity to the Core switch or Servers. ZyXEL ES-3124PWR adds a built-in DC power receptacle on its rear panel for an external Backup Power System connection for even higher reliability, and the system can switch to the alternative power source automatically in response to different situations.

Triple Play and QoS Management
ZyXEL ES-3124PWR is loaded with powerful traffic management and QoS features. For instance, the ES-3124PWR provides eight priority queues per port for different types of traffic, allowing administrators to set policies for class-based filtering and rule-based rate limitation. The ES-3124PWR prioritizes applications with WFQ (Weighted Fair Queuing) scheduling algorithm allocating appropriate bandwidth to important voice and video applications and empowering the Enterprise to take full advantage of the limited network resources while guaranteeing the best performance. Additionally, the ES-3124PWR also supports a variety of ways to categorize and prioritize network packets. Multilayer information from L2 to L4 can be used to classify packet priorities for alignment with ACL features to construct a platform for Multi-Service Networks.

Advanced Security Features
ZyXEL ES-3124PWR offers comprehensive Access Control List (ACL) for enforcing security to the edge. Its protection mechanisms include per-port MAC filtering, limited per-port MAC number, port-based 802.1x user and device authentication, as well as TCP/UDP Socket filtering to control the network services accessible to employees. With these solid mechanisms, administrators can now construct highly secure corporate networks with considerably less time and effort than before.

Seamless Network Management
With supports for advanced features like iStacking™, SNMP, Web, telnet, RS-232 and RJ-45 MGMT ports, the ES-3124PWR is very easy to deploy and manage. Better yet, its underlying ZyXEL iStacking™ technology allows up to 24 clustered switches to be managed by just one IP management, enabling users to benefit from significantly reduced operation and maintenance cost.