ZyXEL ES-4124 Ethernet Switch

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ZyXEL ES-4124 Ethernet Switch

Ultimate L3+ Platform Empowers Intelligent Network Convergence
ZyXEL's 4000 series of switches provide advanced security capabilities while also offering an ideal platform for campus and SMB core networks. The 4000 series is categorized as a layer 3+ switch since it combines L3 routing capabilities with layer 2-4 packet control intelligence. While most L3 switches provide basic router capabilities, the 4000 series goes further, providing OSPF, VRRP, DVMRP routing in addition to static routes and RIP. Robust high availability system design makes sure your network stays up in the case of equipment failure, and advanced security features are built-in to keep your network safe.

* 4GbE Uplink Hardware Architecture maintain high speeds to the rest of the network
* Advanced Routing Protocol (OSPF, RIP, VRRP and DVMRP) make it ideal for core use
* Backup Power System (BPS) support to maximize network up time
* Multi-layer Aware (L2/L3/L4) ACL for Optimizing Traffic Prioritization

High Performance L3+ Platform for Intelligent Network Convergence
ZyXEL ES-4124 is a 24-port premium L3+ managed switch. Besides, comprehensive L2+ features and resilient hardware design, advanced routing like RIP, OSPF, VRRP, IGMP and DVMRP are supported to fully shoulder the tough tasks in the network core. For service providers, public sectors, the healthcare industry, and SMB, the ES-4124 is the ideal solution to build up a convergence network empowering high network resiliency, superior QoS and strict security protection.

Robust and High-Availability System Design
The ES-4124 supports VRRP routing protocol for failover transmissions. BPS, second DC power source, and protects from internal AC power supply failure. IEEE802.3ad Link aggregation reduces network downtime by providing more packet paths and bandwidth aggregation to critical paths. The 4G uplink not only gives superb transmission bandwidth, but also allows users to set up Gigabit aggregation to secure critical path transmission. IEEE802.1w Rapid spanning tree (RSTP) allows immediate recovery from failed links by sending packets via a backup link path.

Intelligent QoS for Multi-Service Optimization
The ES-4124 comes with comprehensive features sets for QoS, like DVMRP, multi-layer aware ACL (L2/L3/L4), 8 hardware priority queues, DSCP and WFQ scheduling algorithm, etc to easily harness IP applications, like VoIP, video streaming, video-conferencing and IP TV. In addition, the ES-4124 supports flexible bandwidth control with granularity of 64kbps that enables network operators to perform efficient bandwidth administration.

Complete, Multi-Layer Protection
Multi-layer aware ACL (Access Control List) enforces policy-based protection by utilizing parameters (MAC, VLAN, IP, Protocol, TCP/UDP, and DSCP). To fine-tune device access control levels, you can configure MAC freeze, MAC filtering and limit the number of MAC address on a port. To complement user authentication, 802.1x can further facilitate the assignment of VLAN and bandwidth. "Intrusion lock" can down the link once link status change. In addition, VLAN Stacking (Q-in-Q) can be applied for enterprise-class L2VPN application. All the features above allow users to implement strict layer 1 to layer 4 security policies.