ZyXEL G-302 v3 Wireless PCI Adapter

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ZyXEL G-302 v3 Wireless PCI Adapter

Works with IEEE 802.11g WLAN Standard Device
ZyXEL's wireless adapters are a convenient and easy way to add high-speed 802.11g wireless Internet access to your notebook computer. These products support latest Wi-Fi encryption technologies to assure a safe networking environment, while providing tested compatibility with wireless access points and routers. Upgrade your computer today.


* Fully compliant with IEEE 802.11b and 802.11g
* WPA and WPA2 certified for maximum security thwarting would-be intruders
* Small form factor perfect for Mini-PC towers
* Complete Wi-Fi and WHQL certified for operation for other certified products. Removable antenna perfect for flexible deployments
* Included drivers list includes Windows XP, 2k, and Linux

Top of the Line Security
Every G-302 is certified with WPA and WPA2 security bringing you the best security there is on the market for consumers today. Thwart would be hackers into your network to steal sensitive information such as pin numbers or passwords to your bank account. With WPA and WPA2 implemented, those are worries are all in the past

Flexible Applications
The G-302 has a removable antenna perfect for any type of application. If you're the average user then the included antenna should suffice. But if you require something a little more robust, then the reverse SMA connector is perfect for any extra gain antenna. Simply screw on any antenna with an SMA connector and you're ready to go. Finally it's IEEE 802.11g/b certified for maximum compliancy to all other IEEE802.11g/b certified devices!

Slim Form Factor
Many PC's are now getting smaller and smaller in order to facilitate space saving, ZyXEL's G-302 employs a very slim form factor with the G-302. Also included with every package is a small bracket that will fit the mini-PC's on the market today.

High Speed Wireless Access
Compatible with the IEEE 802.11g/11b standard, ZyXEL wireless cards provide users with data rates up to 54Mbps; 5 times faster than 802.11b standard.

Enhanced Wireless Security
To fight against hackers and/or unauthorized users, home wireless networks should be protected at all costs. With WPA Pre-shared key (PSK), user identity and data are protected with a secret password. Thanks to ZyXEL's exclusive technology, OTIST, (One-Touch Intelligent Security Technology) configuration of WPA PSK security feature works with just a few mouse clicks.

Wireless Mobility with Roaming
Use the ZyXEL Utility to set up your wireless network connection with simple mouse clicks. Once set up, you can move freely between access points without disrupting your connection, giving you seamless wireless mobility in the network.