ZyXEL G-570S Wireless Access Point

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ZyXEL G-570S Wireless Access Point

Ultimate Wireless Network Deployment with 4-in-1

When is an AP (Access Point) not an AP?  When it's a ZyXEL 500 series. In addition to providing access point functionality the 500 series adds in support for secure wireless bridging, so you can extend your wired network beyond the 100 meter Ethernet limit, and client mode. With client mode you can take any Ethernet enabled device in your home, regardless of operating system, and put it on your wireless network. Great for video game systems, DVRs, printers, and older computers.

* Operation Modes: AP, Repeater, Bridge and Wireless Client
* "Wireless Super G" Technology Doubles Standard 802.11g Data Rate to up to *108Mbps
* Simplifies Wireless Security Settings with OTIST Technology Support
* Robust Security Protection with WPA/WPA2, 802.1x and 152-bit WEP Encryption

Wireless AP, Bridge, Repeater and Wireless Client 4-in-1 Design
Designed for home and small office, ZyXEL G-570S 4-in-1 Access Point with Wireless Super G technology is capable of boosting data throughput to as high as 108Mbps. The 4-in-1 design, featuring Access Point, Repeater, Bridge and Wireless Client modes, provides superior flexibility for wireless network deployment. Detachable antenna and adjustable transmit power make the G-570S the best price/performance choice for different application scenarios in homes and small offices.

Ultra Fast and Secure Wireless Performance
The ZyXEL G-570S is compliant with the 802.11g standard allowing wireless data throughput of 54Mbps. With the ZyXEL's "Wireless Super G" mode enabled, the wireless connection speed between G-570S and Super G-enabled wireless clients will be boosted to an astounding *108Mbps instantly. Better yet, with WPA/WPA2/WPA2-PSK encryption technology, the compact G-570S provides enhanced, interoperable wireless network security for uncompromised data transmission.

Setup in a Snap
With ZyXEL's exclusive One-touch Intelligent Security Technology (OTIST™) activated, the highest level of security will be automatically established between G-570S and OTIST-enabled wireless clients to protect the wireless traffic from hackers or unauthorized users.

** When the Wireless Super G Technology is enabled with Multi-Channel 108 Mbps Turbo mode, the theoretical data rate can reach up to 108Mbps among ZyXEL Wireless Super G-enabled access points and clients. Actual performance may vary depending on different operating environment.