ZyXEL G-570U Wireless Access Point

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ZyXEL G-570U Wireless Access Point

For Ultimate Dual-Band Wireless Network Deployment
When is an AP (Access Point) not an AP?  When it's a ZyXEL 500 series. In addition to providing access point functionality the 500 series adds in support for secure wireless bridging, so you can extend your wired network beyond the 100 meter Ethernet limit, and client mode. With client mode you can take any Ethernet enabled device in your home, regardless of operating system, and put it on your wireless network. Great for video game systems, DVRs, printers, and older computers.

* Dual Band Wireless IEEE 802.11a/g
* Four Operation Modes: AP, Repeater, Bridge and Wireless Client
* Wi-Fi Certified WPA/WPA2
* Support OTIST in both AP and Client Modes for Easy Connection Setup

Dual Band Wireless Access
The G-570U complies with IEEE 802.11a/g standards to offer dual-band (2.4GHz or 5GHz) wireless connectivity.
In dense wireless networks, use IEEE 802.11a in the 5GHz frequency range for high-speed transmission. In addition, with IEEE 802.11a, you don't have to worry about interference from Bluetooth systems or home appliances (such as microwave ovens and cordless phones).

Flexible Deployment
The G-570U works as an AP, repeater, bridge, or a wireless client. Simply choose G-570U's operating mode for your desired network application.

Wi-Fi Certified Compatibility and Security
For interpretability with other wireless devices and maximum security, the G-570U supports Wi-Fi certified WPA/WPA2 security features to ensure secure wireless communication.

Set Up and Secure Your Wireless Network with One-Touch
With OTIST, your G-570U can automatically obtain and synchronize wireless network settings with an OTIST-enabled wireless router/adapter. When the G-570U works in wireless client mode with OTIST, you get instant and secure Internet connection for network devices such as game consoles and printers with simple mouse clicks.