ZyXEL GS-3012 Gigabit Switch

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ZyXEL GS-3012 Gigabit Switch

Flexible high speed solution perfect for any application

What happens if you need something a little more advanced thas a layer 2 switch, but don't need the routing features of a layer 3 switch? You turn to ZyXEL's 3000 Series of L2+ switches! L2+ switches give you all the features you've come to love about L2 switches (QoS, security, VLAN's) and add in L3 and L4 ACL lists. This makes them perfect for networks that handle data as well as voice or video traffic as it allows you to apply security and QoS rules based on IP address, port, or protocol used by traffic passing through the switch. In addition these switches can be managed by web or command line interfaces, SNMP traps allow for easy monitoring, and iStacking allows you to virtually stack switches on the same network for easier management.

* High-performance Gigabit backbone applications for small networks
* Businesses or campuses needing high-performance data center connectivity
* ISPs or Telcos looking for aggregation switch with sophisticated QoS and traffic management capability
* ISP or Telcos looking for edge switch for Metro Area Network with access control list and security functionality
* Wire-speed Layer 2 switching
* Port Trunking provides higher availability
* Clustering simplifies network configuration and management
* VLAM offers both security and performance
* Rate limitation allows service differentiation
* Access control enhances network s ecurity