ZyXEL M-202 XtremeMIMO USB Adapter

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ZyXEL M-202 XtremeMIMO USB Adapter

The World 1st USB Adapter with Smart Antenna

Up to 800% Better Coverage and Speed
The ZyXEL M-202 XtremeMIMO USB2.0 Adapter is ideal for desktop or laptop users who demand better range and speed in their wireless communications. With Smart Antenna MIMO (Multiple Input Multiple Output) Technology, the M-202 provides farther and faster wireless performance than standard IEEE 802.11g Wi-Fi devices when working with ZyXEL XtremeMIMO products. The M-202 can also enhance existing non-MIMO Wi-Fi networks and provide secure connections with WPA (Wi-Fi Protected Access) and the latest WPA2 featuring AES (Advanced Encryption Standard). ZyXEL XtremeMIMO is the ultimate high-speed, long-range, cutting-edge wireless network for digital home applications!

MIMO and Smart Antenna Technology
Users who demand more range, performance, and functionality out of their wireless devices will be satisfied using the ZyXEL M-202 XtremeMIMO USB Adapter. An ideal solution featuring Smart Antenna MIMO (Multiple Input Multiple Output) technology, the ZyXEL M-202 out performs other standard IEEE 802.11b/g Wi-Fi devices in any situation. Coupled with other ZyXEL XtremeMIMO products, both range and throughput speeds are boosted even more. Home/SOHO users will no longer need to fear "dead-zones" or sudden drops in signal strength drastically affecting their productivity. With the ZyXEL M-202 "dead-zone" can become "hot-zones"!

WPA2 & WPA Wireless Security
Security is always an issue whenever wireless networking is in your equation. The ZyXEL M-202 XtremeMIMO USB Adapter has the most advanced security protocols using WPA2 and WPA (Wi-Fi Protected Access). Setup is a breeze and with one of the strongest encryption methods; AES (Advanced Encryption Standard) and WPA-PSK (Pre-shared Key) gives you peace of mind. SMB and Enterprise users can utilize IEEE 802.11x support built right into the ZyXEL M-202 for authentication purposes. When maximum security, speeds, and range are a necessity, the ZyXEL M-202 is the perfect wireless communication solution.