ZyXEL MAX-200M1 Indoor CPE

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ZyXEL MAX-200M1 Indoor CPE

* IEEE 802.16e-2005 WiMAX Air Interface (TDD SOFDMA)
* 2.5GHz (MAX-200M1), 3.5GHz (MAX-210M1) and 2.3GHz (MAX-230M1)
* High Transmit Power (27dBm), 6dBi Built in Antenna, and External Antenna Option
* AAS Beamforming Smart Antenna Support
* Enhanced Security for Authentication and Ciphering
* Local and Remote Control and SW Upgrade Capabilities
* One Analog Phone Connection for SIP (RFC3261) VoIP
* One Ethernet Plug with Advanced Embedded IP Networking Features

The Ultimate Broadband Wireless Technology
The MAX-200 series supports the IEEE 802.16e-2005, state of the art SOFDMA based, radio interface, also known as WiMAX.

SIP Based VoIP Communication
VoIP signaling supports standard SIP (RFC3261), suitable for IP telephony service deployment. Sophisticated voice compression and QoS mechanisms provides toll quality voice communication.

Advanced IP Networking Features
MAX-200 series supports advanced IP networking features including all the security needed for the suer to safely access to internet.

Built-In Internal Antenna & Flexible External Antenna
MAX-200 series not only provides 6dBi antenna internally, but also provide felxible external antenna system which let users could be easy to change higher gain antenna themselves according to their specific needs.

Easy to Deploy
MAX-200 series is a single simple box designed to be self-installable by end user without operator's truck roll-out. Rich LED bars show the WiMAX radio signal strength can be used to adjust the direction and position.

Software Upgrade Over the Air
MAX-200 series is fully configurable and software upgradeable over the WiMAX radio interface and can be triggered by operator.