ZyXEL NBG-510S Wireless Remote Access Broadband Gateway

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ZyXEL NBG-510S Wireless Remote Access Broadband Gateway

SSL Remote Access Broadband Gateway

* Enterprise-level SSL security and sharing of photo albums, music and video clips with families and friends
* No special client software is needed to access remote files
* Access privilege control, comprehensive Setup Wizard and Web configurator
* Super G Technology provides optimal wireless range and data rate of up to 108Mbps
* WEP Encryption and WPA/WPA2 offers advanced wireless security

Clientless Remote Access
ZyXEL NBG-510S is an integrated SSL remote access gateway designed for homes with simple, secure and clientless remote access to resources. Remote access has never been so easy, since no client is required on users' laptops; users can easily access remote desktop or file sharing features with standard Web browsers without pre-installed or pre-configured software.

High-Level SSL Security for Your Home
Now ZyXEL brings enterprise-level protection to your home without complicated configuration. A Web browser is enough to connect to your Home Portal easily, and no tricky technical knowledge or configuration is needed to protect your collection.

Easy to Deploy, Configure and Management
The Setup Wizard shortens initial setup to less than 5 minutes. With the well-designed Wizard, administrators can easily deploy, configure and manage the connection and sharing features; no experience is needed to create a home portal for content sharing.

High-Speed Wireless Access
With ZyXEL Wireless Super G Technology, the network can achieve data rates of up to 108Mbps, which doubles the speed of the conventional 802.11g standard. Taking advantage of the advanced performance, users can easily enjoy the fast data delivery required by video or audio streaming applications.

Firewall Security
This fully equipped, broadband-capable device is a true firewall with the utmost business-class Denial of Service (DoS) protection and Intrusion Detection using Stateful Packet Inspection (SPI) and URL access, as well as content filtering, logging, reporting and real-time alerts in addition to VPN pass-through that maximizes network security.