ZyXEL NBG318S Powerline Home Network Kit

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ZyXEL NBG318S Powerline Home Network Kit

The easies way to start a Powerline home network with wireless capability

ZyXEL's bundled kits make it easy to add HomePlug AV to your home network. Each kits contains everything you'll need to get started with high speed HomePlug AV networking over your home's existing power outlets.

* All-in-one router supports Powerline, wireless and Ethernet
* Provides quality Internet telephony, gaming, video streaming with MBM v2 ensures Quality of Service
* The wireless extended gateway feature lets users place the router in the best spot for wireless coverage
* 802.11e/WMM enhanced Quality of Service
* Supports WPA2, WPA PSK, WEP
* Supports any IP , IP Alias when you bring company's laptop home

Wireless Digital Home
Considering all of the digital audio, video and on-line gaming popular today, your home may require a total solution router that can handle High Definition content. The NBG-318S is an all-in-one router with the features necessary to complete your digital home. With the PLA401 plugged into the outlet where you want network connection, you can set up a Powerline wireless network easily.

Super G High Speed Wireless Connection
The NBG-318S supports a 108 Mbps high speed wireless connection, loading web pages quickly. Supporting WPA, WPAs PSK encryption, the NBG-318S gives you the highest security available.

HD Video Streaming with HomePlug AV Technology
With the power cable also serving as a HomePlug AV data connection, the NBG-318S will also stream HD video throughout your house. Dead spots and interference within a wireless network are challenges. The NBG-318S has a 200 Mbps Powerline connection, which overcomes those challenges. With 128-bit AES encryption, the NBG-318S will give you network security for peace of mind. The built-in QoS (Quality of Service) feature allows you to set different priority of video, audio, Voice over IP, and gaming.

High Speed Network Connection Anywhere in the House
The NBG-318S has the capability of configuring the Powerline port as the WAN port, which provides much better flexibility for where you want to place the router. You no longer have to place the router where the DSL or cable modem is located in your home. Instead you can place it in the center of the house for maximum coverage via the HomePlug AV Powerline connection.