ZyXEL ONU-631HA GEPON Optical Network Unit

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ZyXEL ONU-631HA GEPON Optical Network Unit

ZyXEL’s GEPON system consists of an OLT-1308 (OLT, Optical Line Termination) located in the operator's central office and OLT-1308, an ONU, the Optical Network Units, located at the customer premises for FTTH connections, The OLT-1308 is connected by a single fiber to an optical power splitter, which supplies the optical signal up to 32pcs ONU-631.

* Wall mountable
* 1GEPON interface with SC type connector (IEEE 802.3ah)
* 1 Auto MDI/MDI-X 10/100/1000Mbps port compliant with IEEE802.3/u/ab
* Wavelength : 1.31um for upstream & 1.49um for downstream
* Distance : 10km(1000BASE-PX-10),  20km(1000BASE-PX-20)

High Bandwidth
The demand for broadband is increasing for services such as high-digital TV (HDTV), media-on-demand (MOD), voice-over-IP (VOIP), and on-line gaming...etc. GEPON is a technology that provides 1.25Gbps in the both upstream and downstream directions. Providing 30 Mbps of bi-directional bandwidth for each subscriber (1:32). It is a cost-effective access technology with reliable and scalable carrier-grade Ethernet workand really addresses the Triple-play service need.

Beyond Initial Cost of Laying Fiber, Operational Costs Effective
Construction of the fiber access network is the most labor-intensive task in FTTX projects and thus the most expensive. However, PON architecture requires lesser cost since it requires less fiber. PON networks use splitters to allow minimal fiber deployment in local loops. In addition, it requires no power between CO and network's termination, as well as lower maintenance cost.

Long Distance Coverage: Max. 20km
In a PON network, the furthest subscriber must be within 10~20km from the CO, depending on the total number of splits(more splits less distance). OLT-1308/1308H can support the maximal distance to 20km. You can choose ONU-631-HA-11 or ONU-631-HA-12 for 10km or 20km deployment to adapt to your network structure.

High Scalability and Flexibility to Make You Install and Maintain Easily
You can increase or remove ONU easily in your network architecture without forklift cost. Flexible applications can be your good choice for your different network architecture. FTTH deploys ONU in residence. FTTN/FTTC is the combination of fiber and existing copper infrastructure. In the most extreme conditions (4-5km) some subscribers may not be able to be served by DSL. FTTN fiber cable is from CO to an outside plant cabinet or remote terminal (RT).