ZyXEL P-2302R-P1C VoIP ATA Station Gateway

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ZyXEL P-2302R-P1C VoIP ATA Station Gateway

Plug and Talk VoIP ATA

* Configurable Router/Bridge mode
* Multiple SIP numbers and voice channels enable feature-rich phone service over Internet connection
* Media Bandwidth Management (MBM™) Quality of Service (QoS) prioritizes time-sensitive traffic for better performance
* Large-scale deployment and management with auto provisioning server

Unified Design Configurable to Bridge/Routing Mode
The bridge/routing can be manually configured by the users with the WebGUI, letting the device fit with various kinds of ITSP network environment. It dramatically reduces ITSP stock management effort by firmware-configurable alternatives.

Rich Call Features
A number of sophisticated call features are engineered into the ZyXEL VoIP device. Users can perform the related features such as call forwarding, call transfer, three way conference call, etc. with just the WebGUI and keypad.

Effective Network Bandwidth Management
The VoIP device enables network administrators to allocate network resources while guaranteeing Quality of Service (QoS). Network Bandwidth Management enhances productivity and efficiency by tailoring a system to specific demands such as time-sensitive VoIP and multimedia applications.

Easy Provisioning Management of TR-104 (Customizable)
On ZyXEL TR-104, the VoIP CPE Provisioning parameter defines a VoIP CPE device provisioning data model established by an Auto-configuration Server (ACS) using the mechanism.