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All-in-One ADSL2+ VoIP IAD

* IEEE 802.11g Wireless Connectivity
* Support ADSL2/2+
* Support 8 SIP Accounts
* Media Bandwidth Management (MBM) QoS
* PSTN Lifeline Support

Voice over IP
The P-2608HWL Series is an IEEE 802.11g Wireless ADSL2+ router that complies with the SIP (RFC 3261) standard for Internet phone services. Users can still use the 8 phone ports simultaneously even when your ITSP provides you with only one SIP number. This convenient feature allows service providers to generate more revenue for the added advantage.

Supports Multiple SIP Numbers (up to 8) with Automatic Number Assignment Mechanism
The SIP (RFC3261) standard allows service providers to offer value-added services such as enterprise-class security and integrated toll-quality voice/data service.

Effective Network Bandwidth Management
On the P-2608HWL Series comes with effective bandwidth management feature that allow network administrators to allocate network resources while guaranteeing Quality of Service (QoS). This feature increases productivity and efficiency by tailoring a system to specific demands such as time-sensitive VoIP and multimedia applications.

Robust Firewall and Secured VPN Connectivity
The ICSA certified ZyNOS operating system ensures state-of-the-art Firewall protection base on SPI and DoS. It provides the first line of defense against hackers, network intruders, and other hazardous threats. The IPsec VPN feature allows telecommuters to establish secured VPN connections to remote sites without expensive lease lines.

Easy Installation and Auto-provisioning
Auto-provisioning capabilities allow service providers to easily maintain and configure the P-2608HWL Series remotely. This reduces CPE deployment complexity and cost to users.

Lifeline Support
In case of an unexpected power failure, users can still make regular PSTN phone calls with Lifeline PSTN Backup support through the FXO port.