ZyXEL P-660HN-F1 Wireless-N Draft Gateway

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ZyXEL P-660HN-F1 Wireless-N Draft Gateway

With enhanced features to serve entry-level consumer DSL router market.

* ADSL2+ High Speed Internet Access
* Firewall with Stateful Packet Inspection (SPI) and Denial of Service (DoS) Prevention
* Eco friendly wireless. Hardware Wireless on/off button to saves energy by eliminating the wasting of electricity
* Embedded QoS that controls different types of network traffic to optimize time sensitive information
* WPS button for quick and easy wireless security setup

Draft2 802.11N wireless access point and MIMO technology
P-660HN uses draft 802.11N technology with multiple external antennas to maximize the speed and range of your wireless signal to significantly outperform 802.11g MIMO devices. The antennas make use of your home environment by bouncing multiple wireless signals off of walls and ceilings to work around obstructions. P-660HN exceeded high speed wireless access requirements for performance, extended range, co-existence with other 802.11b/g clients and access points, and the ability to eliminate Wi-Fi dead spots.

Easy wireless network installation with Wi-Fi Protected Setup technology (WPS)
Wi-Fi Protected Setup™ is an optional certification program from the Wi-Fi Alliance that is designed to ease the task of setting up and configuring security on wireless local area networks. It provides an industry-wide set of network setup solutions for homes and small office (SOHO) environments. Wi-Fi Protected Setup enables typical users who possess little understanding of traditional Wi-Fi configuration and security settings to automatically configure new wireless networks, add new devices and enable security.

Multiple BSSID
P-660HN-F3Z allows users to create and access multiple networks through a single access point. Multi-BSSID enables a completely separate virtual wireless LAN for voice traffic, improving voice performance by ensuring maximum bandwidth availability and network throughput. This feature also enables control of all broadcast traffic, eliminating the processing of unnecessary messages by mobile devices, improving battery cycle times and overall battery life expectancy.

NAT provides system administrators an easy solution to create a private IP network for security and IP management. Powered by ZyNOS NAT technology, P660HN-F3Z supports complete NAT mapping and most popular Internet multimedia applications, such as NetMeeting, CuSeeMe, IP TV, Quick Time, Real Player (RSP/RTSP), VoIP SIP ALG…etc

Application with firewall
P-660HN provides the capability of stateful inspection filtering and as well as real firewall network protections. By default firewall setting, all outgoing and incoming traffic from the protected LAN will be blocked. ZyNOS firewall supports TCP/UDP inspection, DoS (Denial of Services) detection and prevention, real time alert, reports and logs.