ZyXEL P-870MH-C1 VDSL2 Modem

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ZyXEL P-870MH-C1 VDSL2 Modem

Next Generation Modem for Triple-play Services

* IP-based VDSL2 High-Speed Internet Access
* Support 3/4 Bands
* Support Downstream/Upstream Rate of up to 65/35 Mbps
* IEEE 802.1Q Defined Tag-based VLAN and Port-based VLAN

Ultra-high Data Rate at up to 65 Mbps
With up to 65Mbps for downstream and 3 Mbps for upstream bandwidths, the P-870MH-C1 offers higher data transfer rates and provides bigger bandwidth than traditional ADSL gateways. A bigger bandwidth allows small to medium business users to enjoy quality symmetric and asymmetric applications and home users can enjoy smooth media-rich entertainment which was previously unavailable.

Advanced Quality of Services (QoS) for Triple Play Services
The inherent advanced Quality of Service (QoS) features of VDSL2 makes the P-870MH-C1 to be an idea access modem for service provider to deliver "triple play" multimedia services such as high-quality digital video streams, high-speed Internet access, and voice services which are competitive to the services provided by cable and satellite operators.

VLAN Support for Broadband Services
The VLAN feature in the P-870MH-C1 offers both security and performance benefits. For example, various priorities can be assigned to different real time as well as Internet access applications via VLAN tagging. Such control enables service providers to offer different broadband services to a large number of customers more quickly and economically.

Operate Over Existing Copper Wires
Telecom carriers can generate revenues by offering bundled services to successfully compete with what cable operators have to offer. A single network can be maintained to provide complete DSL services with minimal installation time and expense.