ZyXEL P-974 DOCSIS Commercial Gateway

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ZyXEL P-974 DOCSIS Commercial Gateway

Cable Modem Router with Wireless for Commercial and Residential Market

* Perfect solution for business class service
* Support public IP networks assignment ranging from a /30 to a /24 IP addresses with enabled/disabled DHCP
* Remote management via SNMP, Telnet, CLI, Web GUI
* Support NAT private networks with enabled/disabled DHCP
* Support both public and private network on the LAN ports simultaneously
* The text based configuration file makes deployment simple
* RIP v1 v2 with MD5 for authentication with the CMTS
* 802.11g high performance wireless with detachable antenna (P974HW)

DOCSIS2.0 Certified
P974 series leverages the DOCSIS 2.0 technologies and delivers 3 times more up-stream capacity than DOCSIS 1.1/1.0 standards. P-974 series is interoperable with any DOCSIS network.

High Speed Performance
P-974 series is high performance cable modem router enables cable operators to offer different tiers of services. The built-in wireless access point for P974HW delivers higher data rates up to 54Mbps, easy-to-use, secured wireless LAN solution for residential and business applications.

Flexible Operation Modes
Supporting static IP network coupled with DHCP and Multi NAT, P974 series is ideal for business class customers to build up a public and private network simultaneously. The routing information uses a key-string encrypted via MD5 hash algorithm for authentication with the CMTS. The flexibility of operation modes makes P974 series the perfect one-box solution for multiple service deployments.

Ease of Remote Management
It supports telnet interface and TFTP download making it easy to deploy in the networks. TACACS+ server support enables access control for all interfaces. Access control list enhances the security to block the illegal login attempts. Cable operators can simplify the network management with SNMP v1 v2 v3 support. Customizable Web GUI provides 2-tier login for subscribers and cable operators.