ZyXEL PLA-491 Powerline Ethernet Multi-Plug Center

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ZyXEL PLA-491 Powerline Ethernet Multi-Plug Center

HomePlug AV products solve one of the biggest problems facing the home network, how to get a network connection in every room, without needing to run new cables. HomePlug AV piggy backs on your home's existing wiring, turning every outlet into your house into a high speed network port. Any device that has an Ethernet port can now connect to that network using one of ZyXEL HomePlug AV network adapters.

* Integrated HomePlug AV extension switch w/4 AC outlets
* Supports up to 200 Mbps channel data rate
* 4-port 10/100 Mbps Ethernet for multiple connectionson powerline
* Integrated low pass filter to optimize networkperformance
* On/off power switch
* Separate on/off switch for Powerline

Network multiple varied devices with an all-in-one switch with on-board power outlets
ZyXEL PLA491 is a HomePlug network extension device that integrates an Ethernet 4-port switch with a 4-AC outlet. The design enables networking between varied electrical devices. The PLA491 not only provides a high speed data rate via HomePlug AV technology but also supplies outlets to save space in a Powerline networking environments.

The PLA491 features four network filtered outlets The PLA491 isolates interference from the outlets via the onboard network filter, delivering clean and stable power for your Powerline network.

Secure network setting with one-touch button
Use the ENCRYPT button to set up a secure connection between your PLA491 and another HomePlug AV product with an ENCRYPT button. Just push the ENCRYPT button on your PLA491, and set up your second PowerLine device within 120 seconds.

Save energy, save money
Two independent On/Off switches save power consumption when the network function is not needed. Just one touch, you can save energy easily.